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Bottle Banners - Bottle Media Bottle Collar


Interlocking Bottle Banner Offers Hard-to-Miss Display


Even on the most crowded supermarket drinks shelves there are never more than a handful of on-bottle promotions running at any one time so you might be excused for thinking that customers who are scanning the shelves will easily notice these promotions. Sure, they will see them, but will their gaze rest upon the bottles with the promotion? We say not, unless the choice of bottle media is one that really sets the bottle apart from the others. One bottle tag product that will certainly do that is our Bottle Banner, a special type of bottle collar.

The Bottle Banner is an interlocking product that sits right on the bottle top, rather like a flag - giving the most eye-catching of displays. When the Bottle Banners are to be used on wine and spirits bottles they will be supplied ready interlocked and folded flat ready to slip over the bottle neck. The interlocking device is similar to that employed on the Bottle Balls product.


  Bottle Banners

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Bottle Banners Stand Out In A Crowd


Bottle after bottle in your supermarket drinks aisle will be virtually the same shape. There will be no more than half a dozen “see-through” colours but there will be a very colourful and attractive variation in label designs and bottle caps. Every now and then you will see something wrapped around or hanging from a bottle neck and that will be an on-bottle promotion or an item of bottle media for marketing wine and spirits.

You might think that because there are not many of them that they will really stand out on the shelves but do they? The styles of bottle media seem not to have changed for ages and so we think that it is time for a change if your promotion is to stand out in a crowd. Well, the Bottle Banner is a real change from the norm for bottle media in general and bottle collars in particular and it certainly does stand out from a crowd. The display given by the Bottle Banner is the largest in our bottle tags range with Bottle Balls coming a close second


Versatile Bottle Banners – Fit Spray Handles And Large Bottles With Carry Handles

This particular style of bottle collar was designed with versatility in mind and it employs an interlocking device that allows it to look perfectly at home on bottles that traditionally hold household cleaning materials. Enormous plastic bottles of milk with large carry handles present no problem whatsoever. Bottles with trigger spray handles such as kitchen and bathroom cleaners are perfectly suited to these big display bottle banners.

When the Bottle Banner is to be used on these types of bottles it needs to be interlocked at the bottle packing plant and it will be supplied flat, cut and creased but not interlocked. The interlocking device is very simple, however, and takes only seconds to attach. We have other bottle neck tag products which fit comfortably on plastic bottles as described here such as the Collar And Tie and even the Luvvy Label



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