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Who is Benjamin Bowring Printing?


Established in 1987, Benjamin Bowring Printing Limited is a New Zealand owned printing company with over 25 years experience. Reliable and professional we offer our customers the ability to easily organise a vast range of high quality printing and signage products.  Our print management system ensures hands on control over every aspect of your job. From design to completion we can offer a fast, flexible response to your individual needs and cost effectiveness for the small to large print runs.


How are we different from other printers?

We can offer prices to you far less than what competitors charge. We maintain the highest standards and tightest quality control over the entire process. Every job is offset printed, providing you with the highest quality and for less cost than other printers. 
We have always been focused on customer satisfaction and how important it is to keep our customers happy. Our printing providers are up to date with the latest ISO 9001-2008 certification. These strict quality measures ensure that you receive the highest possible quality product along with our renowned customer service. Our goal is to take the trust our customers have given us and turn it into a strong, long-lasting relationship.


Paper Type Categories.


  • 80gsm. Offset Smooth
  • Uses:Manuals, Note Pads, Flyers, Magazines, coupons, Text Books.

  • 100gsm. Gloss Book

    Uses: Brochures, Flyers, Calendars, Catalogs, Manuals, Posters.


  • 130gsm. Gloss Book

    Uses: Posters, Flyers, Calendars, Catalogs, Brochures, Direct Mail, Manuals, Newsletters.


  • 150gsm. Gloss Book

    Uses: Brochures, Catalogs and Magazines Covers, Flyers, Calendars, Direct Mail, Manuals, Posters,


  • 200gsm. Gloss Cover

    CD & DVD Envelopes, Direct Mail, Calendars, Rack Brochures, Posters.


  • 250gsm. Gloss Cover

    Posters, Direct Mail, Calendars, Rack Brochures, Score Cards.


  • 300 gsm Cover

    Presentation folders, Posters, Postcards, Sales kits, Report Covers, Calendars, Point of Purchase, Sport Cards, Score Cards, Direct Mail, Greeting Cards, Catalogs, Annual Reports, Book Covers, Tags, Door Hangers, Inserts.


  • 350gsm Cover

    Presentation folders, Postcards, Sales Kits, Report Covers, Calendars, Point of Purchase, Sport Cards, Score Cards, Direct Mail, Greeting Cards, Catalogs, Annual Reports, Book Covers, Tags, Door Hangers, Inserts.





Business Card Template 55 x 90

DLE Flyer 99 x 210

A4 210 x 297


Teardrop Flags

Feather Flags

A4 to DLE



What is Printing Bleed?

    'Bleed' is an essential part of creating artwork for print. Professional designers will always extend, or 'bleed', background elements and images in their designs beyond the edges of the document by an additional 3mm or so.

    Commercial printing presses are no different to your desktop inkjet or laser printer in the respect that they cannot print to the very edge of a sheet of paper and you are left with an ugly white border around printed documents. To get around this problem, we print your design onto a larger sheet of paper and then cut it down to size. But there is an issue you need to be aware of.

    Most conventional and digital printing presses suffer from slight sheet-to-sheet mis registration. In other words, due to slight movement as the paper passes through a press, your design may not be printed in exactly the same position on every sheet of paper. We're not talking about much - usually only fractions of a millimetre - but the accuracy differs from press to press and is usually more evident on digital presses. This can create problems when guillotining as there's a danger that due to mis registration text or graphics close to the edge of the sheet will be lost. Cut too little off and you'll end up with a white border on at least some of the prints. As a result of using bleed, any inaccuracies which occur during the printing or finishing process shouldn't cause any problems.

    Designers are also careful to avoid placing important elements such as text within around 5mm of the edge of the paper. It not only looks unprofessional and cramped, there is a risk that it could be cut off! This area is sometimes referred to as the 'quiet' area of a design.

    printers bleed

    What are trim or crop marks?
    So that the guillotine operator knows where to cut the sheet, designers indicate the edge of the document using 'crop marks' (also known as tick marks or trim marks). These are short, thin black lines which are positioned slightly beyond the bleed area and are used as a guideline when trimming.

Courier methods

We can courier nationwide, offering an overnight or 2 Day service using various courier companies. (Shipping time is not included in production turnaround and should be allowed for. Please contact us for other shipping options and charges)


Turnaround Time

Our standard turnaround time varies depending on the product. It could range from 5 to 10 working days during normal circumstances, excluding weekends and holidays. Production would start after the print ready files are uploaded or when final proofs have been approved.

Can I change my order once it has been placed?

Changes to your order can be accommodated before you approve your print job. Once we have received your approved proof and your print job has been sent to the press, we no longer entertain changes to the file, artwork, quantity, product options, etc.


How do I cancel my order?

An order may be cancelled on condition that no work has been completed for that order. In this case, the customer will be charged a cancellation fee in addition to any fees charged for proofs or samples, if applicable. However, an order cannot be cancelled if and when the ordered item has been printed.
In such cases, please understand that we are unable to cancel any orders and the customer shall be charged in full.


Do you still have questions?


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