What are Shelf Wobblers?

Shelf wobblers consist of a tab, a flexible neck, and a message area. They hang from a retail store shelf’s edge and wobble from the movement of air around them. It’s this wobble that catches the eye of shoppers and draws them, first to the message at the bottom of the neck, and then straight to your product. Since a whopping 80% of buying decisions are made in store aisles, shelf wobblers are one of the most effective, yet affordable, point-of-sale (POS) displays available. Bottom line? They work. So what makes ours the best in the POS marketing industry?


Why Our Wobblers are Better

Simple. Made 300gsm Board and Laminated, they’re incredibly durable with the most vibrant colours possible. This strength means they will out-wobble cheaper versions made of card stock.

No Assembly Required with Our Wobblers

Shelf Wobblers shouldn’t be complicated. Remember that tab, neck and the message area? We print our wobblers flat—all in one simple piece. For you that means nothing to assemble; no need for clips or fasteners. The tabs are attached to the rest of the wobbler, so they snap right into the shelf edge channels. They’re ready to wobble the minute you pop them in. And because they’re in one solid piece when we make them, they won’t fall apart in the store.


Full Color Custom Printing

All of our shelf wobblers include full-color custom printing; offset, or eco-friendly digital printing—all for the same low price. Not sure which you need? We’ll take a look at your artwork and tell you which printing method will produce the best results.

Wobblers with Acetate Struts

Highly durable. Our wobblers are printed on 350gsm board and gloss laminated to give sturdiness and the most vibrant colours possible. We have a range of standard sizes but we can cut them to any size you require at no extra charge (minimum size 40 x 40mm).

Supplied with acetate struts. Wobblers are supplied with clear plastic struts shown in the photograph.

Custom shaped wobblers. If you need a custom shaped shelf-edge wobbler, please contact us.

Custom Services, Violators and Shelf Strips

In addition to standard sizes, we also offer custom die cutting, double-sided shelf wobblers, taped tabs, and wobblers . To complete your promotion, we also offer double-sided aisle violators and shelf strips.