Swing tags and die cut hang tags

It’s amazing the difference a great swing tag can make to your brand, especially if your products are fashion-led or competing with many other brands. At Benjamin Bowring we print custom-made clothing hang tags and retail swing tags that help your products to look great in the market place.
We produce standard shape and custom die cut tags using a range of card stocks, from rustic recycled stock to super-premium thick stock with a special texture. Our tags are usually supplied with a 3 or 4mm hole, to assist with stringing or affixing tags with a tagging gun.

Custom swing tags and product hang tags

Every custom hang tag print job we get receives careful scrutiny, because paying attention to the details is the best path to customer satisfaction. There’s a lot to consider: you’ll want to match your brand colours carefully; your tag may be one of a suite of tags, each with a different purpose; you may need one-sided or double-sided printing; you might need clothing swing tags with multiple folds; or your job could be super-fancy, with die-cutting and special stocks. Whatever the requirements, you can trust us to make your hang tag printing happen on time and on quote.
If you’re in Auckland, you can sit down with our experts to explain your job and let us capture the facts; if you’re anywhere else in New Zealand, we can do a face-to-face skype meeting. Many of our customers aren’t in the same city as us, so we’ve learned to make everything happen with skype, phone calls and email.

Options we can offer:

• Stock thickness from 80gsm to 3mm card
• Custom die cut hang tags in any shape and size
• Single to full colour
• Cheap swing tags for lower-value products
• Print on one or both sides
• Drilled holes, for use with a tagging gun – 3, 4 or 5mm
• Reinforced holes with washers or eyelets
• Multiple tags held together with an eyelet
• Stringing, with a choice of string diameters and colours
• Pins for attaching tags
• Tagging gun supply